Sempai Seishin

Sempai Seishin

College Student

Sophomore at Sierra College
ACME Robotics Team 8367 Member
Beale Aero Club Member

Sempai Seishin is a Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt) at the Hikari Ryuza Do Kan and is currently apprenticing as an instructor. While he was born in Massachusetts, by the time he was 11 his family had moved from Massachusetts to Louisiana, to Monterey, California and finally to the little town of Rough and Ready in Nevada County. It was during this time in his life that his interest was first sparked in the Martial Arts. At the age of about 4 he tried a couple of Karate classes but never signed up for them. Then at age 9 began Aikido, which he did on and off until age 12. But it seems Aikido was simply not meant for him as it would fade out of his life. Finally, at age 14 he arrived at the Hikari Ryuza Do Kan; a time of many beginnings and the blossoming of many passions for Seishin. Always having a passion for tinkering and designing things, Sempai Seishin joined the local robotics team, 8367, ACME Robotics. This team took part in robotics competitions run by FIRST, which is an international organization promoting teamwork and technological skills in kids of all ages. With ACME’s coding and design skill they were able to make it to the world championships and be nominated for several awards the year Seishin was a part of the team. One of Seishin’s life goals is to learn how to fly an airplane. From a young age the idea of flight fascinated and lit him up. Fortunately, during his sophomore year of highschool, he became aware of the Beale Aero club. A club run on Beale Air force base that allowed members to have access to a number of airplanes, resources for pilots, and flight lessons; all at a much lower price than most private flight schools. However, while flying may be one of Sempai Seishin’s dreams and a passion of his, it would not (and could not) compare to the impact his martial arts had on his life. Currently he is a Sierra College Sophomore fulfulling his general education requirements as he has not yet decided on a major.

Martial ArtsSempai Seishin

Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu® Instructor
Nidan (2nd Deg.), Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu®

Sempai Seishin began his training under Senior Grandmaster Crimi and Grandmaster Shizumi Crimi at Hikari Ryuza Do Kan in 2016 at 14 years old. Four years later, he earned his Shodan (1st degree Black Belt) at age 18. Fast forward two years and he elevated to the rank of Nidan. From the beginning he was rapidly locked in and was enthralled by the world of martial arts and how magical of a place the Hikari Ryuza Do Kan is. Over the next year he would continue to put more and more into his training with him earning his Sankyu (third brown) in the Fall of 2017. From that point on it was all about preparing for Black Belt. Then, in November of 2018 came the first of several days that he will never forget. The first of these days was when he was told that his exam was to be the following year. The following year he examined and passed his Shodan exam; an event that changed his entire being at the core. Seishin continues to study and move forward in Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu and is currently an instructor apprenticing to become a Sensei, which includes leading classes for the Ryuza Chiisai program (Tiny Dragons – ages 3-6) and assisting in classes for Nevada County’s Volunteer Deputies and retired law enforcement. While Sempai Seishin is still young and not entirely sure where he wants to guide his ship in life, he knows that his Martial Arts and serving others will always be at its heart.

“Martial Arts has been my passion ever since I started at the Hikari Ryuza Do Kan and I could not be more honored to be taught by Senior Grandmaster and Senior Professor Crimi. Receiving my Black Belt has been one of the most incredible things to happen in my life.”

~ Sempai Seishin (at Shodan)