Exceptional Student Apr 2018

Karsen F.

Big congratulations are in order for Karsen, the Hikari Ryuza Center’s newest “Student of the Quarter!” Karsen has earned this recognition because of her unique zest for life. She has a fiery energy that she has worked very hard to channel into fierce concentration for the task at hand. When she turns on, everyone stops to watch, and this is not only in her Bujutsu training, but her dancing as well. If potentiality is a cup, then hers is overflowing!!! And even though she’s just an innocent, wee bit of a thing, there’s something wise and timeless with Karsen. She’s very special! We interviewed her so everyone could get to know her a little better. Without further ado, we present: Karsen!

Exceptional Student: Karsen


Interview with Karsen

by Sr Professor Shizumi Crimi

Interview with Karsen ~ Student of the Quarter, April – June, 2018

P: How old are you?
K: 8.

P: What grade are you in?
K: 3rd.

P: When did you start training in Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu?
K: When I was… I think I was probably 6.

P: What is your favorite roll?
K: Probably Hon Chugaeri because it’s just simple.

P: How about your favorite fall?
K: Mae Sutemi because it’s fun to do.

P: And what is your favorite technique?
K: The finger hold escape; the first normal one.

P: Do you have a favorite color?
K: I was thinking of this… I like purple and blue.

P: What about a number?
K: My favorite number is 50 because there’s 50 states.

P: Can you tell us something about yourself that maybe not everyone would know?
K: Everyone knows I love dancing, so it’s pretty obvious. I love eating! Yeah!!! I like creamy pasta. Actually my Dad and Mom met at a restaurant and my Dad knew how to make it. It’s super interesting.

P: What are your reasons for studying Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu?
K: It’s because everyone’s nice here and I’m always trying to protect myself when I grow up. And I love everyone here.

P: What are 3 goals that you currently have?
K: 1) My first goal is to be a famous chef. 2) Dance like I don’t care every single time. 3) Being in friends with everyone and trying to meet people. I haven’t met my Mom’s mom in the Philippines yet. I’ve never been on a plane before.

P: What are some of the important things you are learning in your Bujutsu?
K: How to protect myself and to defend myself and I maybe attack them if they’re attacking someone else. I’m learning how to look in the past and see all the good things in Bujutsu, and caring about our Hikari Ryuza family. And being caring to others.

P: Why do you think you were chosen as the Student of the Quarter?
K: I don’t offend anyone, but I think it’s because I love everyone and I’m pretty nice to other people and I’m special to other people like my Mom and Dad and my siblings.

P: If you wanted to invite a friend to Bujutsu, what would you say?
K: I would say “do you want to come to Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu? It’s really fun and everyone’s nice there and the teacher is really nice too. SHE’S AMAZING!” (She said to put that in capital letters.)

P: What is your favorite part of class?
K: My favorite part of class is when we get there and learn a little bit first; like we come in and learn a little bit, then work on the hard stuff in the middle of the class.

P: How far do you want to go in your Bujutsu?
K: I want to become a Black Belt because Sempai Dobbs and Sempai Aki are too, and some Black Belts were in the past too. I want to be like the people in the past and Sr Grandmaster’s teacher, but that would be lot’s of training and you have to work hard for it and earn it. That’s a good reason.
P: What rank can you imagine yourself as?
K: An 8th Degree Black Belt, almost turning 9th.

P: Is there anything else you would like to add before we conclude this interview?
K: It’s been really fun all this so far at Hikari Ryuza Center and I love it here!

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