Exceptional Student Oct 2018

Sophie S.

Big congratulations are in order for Sophie, the Hikari Ryuza Center’s newest “Student of the Quarter!”

Sophie has earned this recognition because of her tremendous self-discipline and caring heart. She may be little, but she’s big on the inside, in more ways than one. In class we never have to call twice for her attention. She’s the first to jump in and help her fellow classmates, sets a wonderful example of protocol and etiquette and never falls shy in the department of enthusiasm. She’s quite a Jutsuka! We interviewed her so everyone could get to know her a little better. Without further ado, we present: Sophie!

Exceptional Student: Sophie


Interview with Sophie

by Sr Professor Shizumi Crimi

Interview with Sophie ~
Student of the Quarter, October – December, 2018

P: How old are you?
S: 6.

P: What grade are you in?
S: First Grade.

P: When did you start training in Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu?
S: Hmm… it was definitely 2017 in Fall. I think it’s 2017.

P: What is your favorite roll?
S: Seated Side Somersault because it’s close to rolling down a hill of grass.

P: How about your favorite fall?
S: Hmm… the front fall.

P: And what is your favorite technique?
S: Push-ups because once I did 15 in a game called Turasa; a yoga game.

P: Do you have a favorite color?
S: Purple. I have three; purple, pink and blue.

P: What about a number?
S: Right now 6. It’s whatever age I am, so it changes.

P: Can you tell us something about yourself that maybe not everyone would know?
S: Hmm… That I play a different game every day at school.

P: What are your reasons for studying Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu?
S: To defend myself.

P: What are 3 goals that you currently have?
S: 1) To reach my blue belt. 2) To go to second grade. 3) To help others.

P: What are some of the important things you are learning in your Bujutsu?
S: Defending myself. To focus. To become stronger.

P: Why do you think you were chosen as the Student of the Quarter?
S: Because I am a great example.

P: If you wanted to invite a friend to Bujutsu, what would you say?
S: You should come to Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu so you can defend yourself.

P: What is your favorite part of class?
S: Playing games.

P: How far do you want to go in your Bujutsu?
S: Until I’m a 10th Degree Black Belt.
P: How long do you think that will take?
S: A whole bunch of years.

P: Is there anything else you would like to add before we conclude this interview?
S: Nope.


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