Recommended Supplements for Your Family

Diet and Supplementation

The Big Picture

As you well know, we take total health and wellness seriously here at the Hikari Ryuza Center. In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, proper dietary supplementation is a sure way to ensure your body is receiving all of the micronutrients it needs on a daily basis.

The supplements that we recommend or that Dr. Crimi prescribes for his patients have not only been thoroughly researched by himself and Professor, but have also gone through the rigorous testing process that is required to be listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR). The Physician’s Desk Reference is a continually updated volume that provides a guide to scientific findings, and prescription drugs available in the United States. The PDR is the most commonly used prescription drug reference in use; offering healthcare information tailored to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physicians assistants and consumers.

Quality and Controls

One of the main problems with supplements is that there is no FDA regulation to ensure quality, safety and efficacy. Knowing that these supplements are listed in the PDR means that they have gone through the same extensive testing that prescription drugs do, but what’s better is that unlike prescription drugs which have side effects and create imbalances in the body, nutritional supplementation does not! It is a win/win. These supplements contain what they say, in the amount they say and they are safe. This is peace of mind. You cannot get this guarantee from supplements purchased at Walgreens, CVS or GNC. Here is a listing on Lifepak from the PDR.

Recommendations for All Ages

As part of the foundation of our own personal health and high energy levels, we use Lifepak Nano ourselves. We also believe supplements are a must as part of family wellness, because the nutritional quality of our nation’s food has dropped so considerably. The soil is not what it used to be. Even the most health conscious families have a hard time getting the nutrients they need from fruits and vegetables alone.

For adults, we recommend the LifePak Nano from Pharmanex. For children and teens, the same company produces a product called Jungamals. We explicitly back these products and this company, and are happy to give you a free consultation about what they can do for you and your family. The best part is that we use a scientifically validated method to non-invasively measure the levels of carotenoids present in the skin, which have been shown to be a reliable indicator of overall antioxidant status. In other words, we can see how the supplements are working for you from the inside out. Exciting, isn’t it!? You can read more about the supplements, and why they are important here.

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