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Grading for students age 13 and up or by invitation. This is your opportunity to see how much you know and if we discern you’re ready for promotion. There is a $10 fee to grade due at the time of grading.

Jujutsu Throw

Barreling Full Speed into Summer Just Wow! What an Incredible Show!!! We successfully produced and executed our Annual Performance, and they liked it! No, they loved it! We had over 100 people attend, and a fair number of those had no previous exposure to our Center. Everyone did a spectacular job, and worked so hard, Read More


Summer’s Around the Corner It’s here!  Well, very nearly…May 22nd is our Center’s annual performance, and we’re so excited!  Everyone has been working really hard on his/her demos and dances, and it is so appreciated.  Just a little longer now, and we are ready to show the world what we’re made of! See what, Read More

Adult Grading (13 years + up.)

Adult Classes

This class is for Adults only.

Adult Classes

This grading is for Adults only or by invitation.