Gm Pallen

Join us for a captivating seminar on Senkotiros Arnis instructed by world champion stickfighter, Grandmaster Jordan Pallen. Even with or without Martial Arts experience, anyone can quickly begin to learn the basics of Senkotiros. In this seminar you’ll learn about the free form style of this stick work and how it complements other systems, Read More

Jonathan in the Yudansha Journey

Over these 2 days this young man, Jonathan will undergo a life-changing experience. “One out of a thousand gets a Black Belt…” GGm Estes Will Jonathan be one out of a thousand? Uke’s by invitation only. Regular Dojo classes are cancelled.

Sempai Aki Shodan Exam

Yes it’s been two years since Sempai Aki was promoted into the proud fraternity of Yudansha. We all know and love her. Let’s wish her strength and courage as she steps into the next realm of her path… Nidan! If she passes she’ll be considered an instructor of Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu. Uke’s are by, Read More

Gm Rayford

A special treat! We’re pleased to host Grandmaster Sid Rayford for a seminar on the use of the Tonfa. The Tonfa is one of the ancient Okinawan farm tools that was turned into an offensive and defensive martial arts weapon. Gm Rayford is an Okinawan Martial Arts and Weapons expert and one of the sweetest human beings, Read More