shoes off the mat

Jonetsu S. Big congratulations are in order for Jonetsu, the Hikari Ryuza Center’s newest “Student of the Quarter!” Jonetsu has earned this recognition because she’s awesome! This is not a frivolous statement about her. To know her is to know a mother, a poet, a singer, a music producer, a writer, a performing artist, a photographer, Read More

shoes off the mat

Glen B. Big congratulations are in order for Glen, the Hikari Ryuza Center’s newest “Student of the Quarter!” Glen has earned this recognition because of his tenacity. From when he started years ago to now, he has pushed himself tirelessly to become a better student and a better person. Glen’s unique perspectives have caused all of the, Read More

shoes off the mat

Amina F. Big congratulations are in order for Amina, the Hikari Ryuza Center’s newest “Student of the Quarter!”  Amina has earned her position through hard work, dedication, maturity, and kindness toward her fellow students. We interviewed her so everyone could get to know her a little better. Without further ado, we present: Amina! Interview, Read More

Most of us realize that stress impacts our lives in uncomfortable ways, but few of us understand the full impact that stress has on our health and well-being. Different kinds of stress affect us in varying ways. Excessive excitement can also create stress, though often perceived in a good way. Of the two types, Read More

Scotts Flat Lake

HOT news for JULY ~ **Sizzle Sizzle** How did we get to mid-summer already with just a little more than a month before our younger students head back to school? Time does fly on the Hikari Ryuza rocket ship! We hope everyone had a safe, but FUN, 4th of July. Check out what else is, Read More

Jujutsu Throw

Barreling Full Speed into Summer Just Wow! What an Incredible Show!!! We successfully produced and executed our Annual Performance, and they liked it! No, they loved it! We had over 100 people attend, and a fair number of those had no previous exposure to our Center. Everyone did a spectacular job, and worked so hard, Read More

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In Full Swing It’s Spring! And it’s a busy time at the Hikari Ryuza Center! This month we are holding auditions for a Dance Cooperative, rehearsing like mad for our annual performance on May 22nd, and we continue to be inspired by the incredible upswing in health and wellness of our members. Here’s our newsletter, Read More


During my graduation ceremony from Sierra College, one of the key speakers made a profound impact on me. I’m sad to say I don’t remember her name, but her words and emotion I will never forget. It was one of those moments when you are unexpectedly pulled out of the mundane and feel intimately, Read More