shoes off the mat

Jonetsu S. Big congratulations are in order for Jonetsu, the Hikari Ryuza Center’s newest “Student of the Quarter!” Jonetsu has earned this recognition because she’s awesome! This is not a frivolous statement about her. To know her is to know a mother, a poet, a singer, a music producer, a writer, a performing artist, a photographer, Read More

Peace kanji

Hikari Ryuza Center is excited to invite you to a Complimentary Seminar for all Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu students! The seminar will focus on the fundamentals of Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu. This is a fabulous opportunity to review and/or learn techniques for the level of training you’re at! Sr Professor Crimi, Prof Floyd, Sempai Aki and, Read More

Black Belts in costume

Instead of doing a costume party on Saturday night we decided to have a costume class. From 9am to 11am we’ll be dressed up in our best halloween selves to celebrate this fun time of year. We’re reading the story “Stone Soup” and then making our own Stone Soup. Of course all in costume!, Read More

Gm Pallen

Join us for a captivating seminar on Senkotiros Arnis instructed by world champion stickfighter, Grandmaster Jordan Pallen. Even with or without Martial Arts experience, anyone can quickly begin to learn the basics of Senkotiros. In this seminar you’ll learn about the free form style of this stick work and how it complements other systems, Read More

2018 Sierra Buttes camping trip

YOUNG DRAGONS SUMMER CAMP Ages 9 + 4–day/3-Night Martial Arts Summer Camp Camp Dates: August 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Camp Location: TBD Drop off: Friday, 9 am (at Hikari Ryuza Center) Pickup: Monday, 4 pm (at Hikari Ryuza Center) (early drop off & late pickup available for an additional cost) No less than five adults will, Read More

41st Annual Performance

WooHoo!!! If you’ve seen our performances before then you know what you’re in for. If not… prepare yourself! They’re… well… ENTERTAINING! (Maybe a tid bit on the weird side, but our Martial Arts is life for us, so our creativity is at its max.) A rehearsal schedule will be released as soon as we’ve, Read More

Gm Rayford

A special treat! We’re pleased to host Grandmaster Sid Rayford for a seminar on the use of the Tonfa. The Tonfa is one of the ancient Okinawan farm tools that was turned into an offensive and defensive martial arts weapon. Gm Rayford is an Okinawan Martial Arts and Weapons expert and one of the sweetest human beings, Read More

Shining light above waterfall

This is a time for celebration! Find out if you passed your grading! All family and friends are welcome to come and celebrate as the Dojo moves forward. (Class will still be held before the promotion begins). Potluck will be held directly after the promotional ceremony. Please bring a healthy dish to share with, Read More

shoes off the mat

Glen B. Big congratulations are in order for Glen, the Hikari Ryuza Center’s newest “Student of the Quarter!” Glen has earned this recognition because of his tenacity. From when he started years ago to now, he has pushed himself tirelessly to become a better student and a better person. Glen’s unique perspectives have caused all of the, Read More

shoes off the mat

Chandra W. Big congratulations are in order for Chandra, the Hikari Ryuza Center’s newest “Student of the Quarter!” Chandra has earned this recognition because of her willingness to go for it. Once she decided she was joining our Bujutsu program she was all in. She embraces her training in the same manner she embraces life, with Kyoshin Tankai, Read More