I became acquainted with the Hikari Ryuza dojo as a result of my volunteer work with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office. We were encouraged to take Dr. Crimi’s self-defense course designed for law enforcement officers. The program turned out to be much greater than learning some basic techniques in a few weeks; it has, Read More

My first encounter with Grandmaster Crimi and Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu was, like so much since, astounding. I was tasked with being Grandmaster’s interpreter during his visit to the school in Paris where I first learned ju jitsu from Grandmaster Stefano Surace. When my French friends and fellow students returned Grandmaster’s bow with a Gallic, Read More

I have been part of the Dojo for nearly 14 years now, and I still look forward to coming every week, especially for the camaraderie. I know its made me a better person not only mentally, but physically as well; after all I’m only turning 88 this year! Through the years I’ve observed what, Read More