From a Proud Mom…

In July, 2012, my ten year old daughter had the opportunity to join a summer camp for a very minimal fee for the week. I was intrigued as it was something different, wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and would keep her busy (and out of boredom trouble) for five full business days. As I am a full time working Mom … this seemed like a good thing to do. She didn’t know anyone else going to the camp so she invited a friend along. They had the time of their life … going to Martial Arts Camp for a whole week with the last day being spent on a 18 foot blow up water slide. They were so happy to be there and experience this camp for the week. Little did we know this would turn into a life change for her.

Hannah is now eleven and has been in Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu since that camp let out. She attends classes twice weekly although she has the opportunity to join classes three times weekly in her age group. She has developed strength and independence since joining. She has developed confidence and leadership qualities. Whenever she is in a down mood we tease her that she needs “mat time” and it brings her out of her funk everytime. She is a well rounded individual but before starting these classes was afraid to try new things. She now considers the opportunity rather than shying away from it. She is being taught respect for others, timeliness and tactfulness.

As a Mother I am thankful that we found this program. Although it is often difficult to get our daughter to the classes due to long work days, etc. I have never once regretted getting her there. The energy at the Dojo is amazing. What I am providing her with as a parent by exposing her to the life, these teachers, these peers … makes it all worth it.

She has just recently been asked to be part of the Leadership Program which, essentially, is a Junior Black Belt Program. She is expected to attend every Leadership class (within reason). She is expected to keep her grades up, be a role model to others, buy her own kit for the program (Mom and Dad may not purchase it). All of these things provide her with independence, confidence, a sense of maturity. Exactly what she needs. My daughter is one that responds to these expectations in a very positive way. She loves to perform for the ones that love her and she does not want to disappoint. This will lead her to be a Black Belt as she also is developing expectations of herself.

Although Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu is a Self Defense program that was developed by Grand Master Crimi 40 years ago … I feel Hannah is getting much more out of this than learning self defense techniques. All of the qualities mentioned above have much more to do with her spirit, her mind and her determination that her physical capabilities. I guess I have only touched the surface. As a Nurse, taking care of the mind, body and spirit are all very, very important to me and I am thrilled that my eleven year old daughter is learning this from an outside source.

On the fun side of things … they are in the fair each year to demonstrate their school, they have summer camp, they have movie night once monthly, they have a Halloween Party and a Christmas Party. When the students are promoted to the next belt (quarterly) they and their families all go to pizza afterward. The teachers and the students (along with their families) have formed their own family through this school. I commend Grandmaster Crimi, Professor Crimi, and Sempai Floyd for doing such an amazing job extending their skills and education to these students that are like sponges … and I thank them for keeping my child safe as she learns at their facility.

I look forward to many more years to come as my daughter works toward her black belt.

Wendy Weidler, RN
Medical Case Manager