Skeptics No More!

When my husband suggested we enroll our son in martial arts, I hesitated. I had been in martial arts years ago and frankly, I didn’t think it was worth our time, money, and adding one more thing to our already busy family schedule. I knew it was good exercise, but he was already involved in multiple sports. I knew he may learn some self defense moves, but I doubted that my quiet, shy son would really learn anything that he could use to defend himself. And I just didn’t like the “factory production” impression I got, justified or unjustified, when I thought about martial arts schools.

The daughter of some friends of ours had been attending Hikari Ryuza for a couple of months and they kept telling us about this great program. We lived near Penn Valley, but they didn’t – and there were plenty of schools closer to where they lived. They invited us to watch a class with them and we decided to go see what this school was all about. My husband went with hope and anticipation – I went with skepticism. What I saw that night changed my mind and my attitude!

Fast forward three months, and our son is thriving in this class. His confidence is growing and he is learning the meaning of respect, hard work, and responsibility. We are more than thrilled with the way both Professor and Grandmaster work with the kids. One can easily see that their first priority is the success of these kids – success in life as well as self defense.

Kathi Daugherty
Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor